Top 5 family-friendly neighborhoods in DC

Moving by yourself is difficult, but if you want to move your family, you have the added stress of trying to find a neighborhood that has amenities to fit all your family's needs. Of course, anyone looking to move their family will be in search of an excellent neighborhood. However, if you are seeking a friendly community in the Greater D.C. area, rest assured that plenty of communities are available. We have conducted much of the research for you and compiled a list of the five best neighborhoods in D.C. to raise a family.

1. Glover Park, Washington D.C.

Our first neighborhood is Glover Park. Locals often refer to this quaint neighborhood as the "Leave it to Beaver" neighborhood. Located just south of Georgetown, Glover Park has a strong community and support system and is called a safe but fun place to live. It has plenty of local shops and a diverse selection of restaurants on “restaurant row” for those who are into shopping or are foodies. Families with young children will love this neighborhood as it is home to one of the top public schools in D.C., Stoddert Elementary School. Locals also praise Glover Park for its free Pre-K program, which further heightens the appeal to those who have younger children. Finally, those attracted to quaint-feeling architecture will love row-style houses. Glover Park is an excellent start to this list and a lovely community for families.

2. Potomac, MD

While there are plenty of friendly neighborhoods in D.C., we did narrow it down to only five. Another great choice is Potomac. This neighborhood boasts quiet residential streets with colonial and Tudor-style houses. It has a little of everything, so no one misses out on what they enjoy. Being just north of Bethesda, Potomac is a wealthier neighborhood that boasts large homes, large lawns, and a predominantly family-oriented community. Potomac residents love the outdoor recreation and serenity that the district presents. It is best known for its numerous hiking trails, such as the Billy Goat Trail at the Great Falls of Maryland. In addition, there is the Potomac Village Shopping Center for those who enjoy shopping with an outdoor feel. If you prefer a more modern shopping experience with a broader range of shops, then feel free to head over to Westfield Montgomery Mall.

3. Bethesda, MD

If you are looking for a busier neighborhood, then look no further! Bethesda is more of an urban area than most other locations on this list. Its bustling streets are home to numerous cultural and artistic events. The area also has many options for those who enjoy shopping. It is home to the Shops at Wildwood and the Westfield Montgomery Mall. Those looking for an affluent feel will love Bethesda, as it is one of the most renowned communities among the locations on this list. It has excellent restaurants and trendy spots for those who like to have fun. If you are looking for something for the kids, Bethesda has a superb public library that hosts different activities for kids and teens. They will have fun while expanding their knowledge. Bethesda is one of the more prosperous neighborhoods you can choose. No worries if you need some outdoor recreation; while Bethesda is more urbanized, it does have a few parks and bike trails for those outdoorsy types.

4. Chevy Chase, MD

Still on the busy side of life, yet calm enough to raise a family, is Chevy Chase. An early streetcar suburb with a small-town American feel and an inclusive community, Chevy Chase is perfect for families. It has local artisan businesses and colonial-style homes but is close enough to experience bustling city life. It is just seven miles from the nation’s capital, historic buildings, and monuments, so any history buffs will have the time of their lives here. If you want something to do, you can check out what locals call “the Avenue,” which houses many restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is also just a few minutes from the popular shopping district, Friendship Heights, so you still have options if you are more into the shopping scene. Nature enthusiasts will love the love Audubon Naturalist Society Woodend Sanctuary, a 40-acre sanctuary that would be the perfect setting for a photo shoot or romantic evening.

5. Palisades, Washington D.C.

Finishing off strong with another quiet community is Palisades. This neighborhood is only ten minutes from downtown Washington and still has a small-town feel with single-family homes. With its park-like setting, farmers' markets, and holiday celebrations, Palisades is perfect if you want to be in the midst of the city without that bustling feel. Although residents often refer to the neighborhood as “a small town in a big city,” this gives way to its strong sense of community where everyone is likely to come together and help each other. It is also ideal for families with its top-ranked schools; you will never have to worry about whether or not your children are getting the enrichment they need. What sets Palisades apart from the other neighborhoods here is that you will often find multiple generations of families living within blocks of each other, which only adds to its coziness.

Making a move and relocating to Washington DC can be difficult, but making a move with a family can be even more difficult. No need to stress about finding a good neighborhood for your family, these five that have been carefully curated are some of the best communities in the D.C. area. They have been carefully selected for their architecture, DC dining experiences, geographical features, family-friendly events, and school districts. The McKenna Group can help you search for that perfect home in any of these family-friendly neighborhoods, and you can check out our current properties and some unique properties here. In addition, Des McKenna and our group of outstanding realtors are more than willing to help if you are looking for luxury homes for sale in Washington, D.C. Feel free to contact us and start your search today.

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