Moving to Washington DC? 7 Things to Know

Washington DC is one of the most well-known cities in the country. Visitors flock to the country’s gorgeous capital each year to visit numerous governmental buildings, learn more about the history of the United States, and take in all that the eclectic Washington food scene has to offer. Though DC itself is relatively small in terms of population size, the surrounding metro area is home to more than 6 million people.
Are you searching for Washington DC condos for sale in preparation for the big move to the United States’ capital city? Perhaps you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Washington DC for a bit more space to roam. There are a few things that may surprise you about life in Washington DC. Read on for seven things to consider when moving to this beautiful location. Discover which Washington DC neighborhood is best for you and your family, keep reading below!

Know the neighborhoods

Washington DC is home to more than 130 distinct neighborhoods. Not only are there a plethora of living options in the DC area, but there are also a ton of fantastic properties just beyond the city in the surrounding suburbs. If you’re moving to Washington DC, you’ll want to get well acquainted with the various neighborhoods in the city to find what’s best for you.
If you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Washington DC, there are a few areas to keep in mind. Some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the DC area include Georgetown, Massachusetts Avenue Heights, Foxhall, Cleveland Park, and Chevy Chase. It might be good to note that the Chevy Chase neighborhood in Washington DC is not to be confused with its neighbor of the same name situated less than 20 miles away in Maryland.

Ditch the car

Did you know that Washington DC was ranked among the worst places in the country for traffic? If you’re set on commuting by car, the EZ Pass is your ticket to relative freedom as it allows you to quickly traverse toll booths. However, using your personal car in the city is not the most advisable option as traffic and parking can be tricky. There’s also an 18 percent tax added to parking in Washington DC, which can quickly add up. While many people do use a personal car for trips outside the city, public transportation is your best option for commuting within the DC metro area. Ditch the car and grab the train to get to work, appointments, and dinners on time; you’ll thank us later.

Familiarize yourself with the DMV

Speaking of cars, are you aware of the DMV? In Washington DC, the DMV takes on an entirely new meaning. The DMV is an acronym to describe the entire DC metro area, standing for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Washington DC itself is only home to some 700,000 residents, while there are over 6 million people comprising the DMV or the DC metro area.

Use public transportation

The DC public transportation system is another thing that can be surprising for those moving from smaller towns and cities. Washington DC has some of the best public transportation options in the country. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) services include a trio of commonly used options such as the Metrorail, Metrobus, and the DC Circulator. Catching a ride is a breeze if you’ve done your homework. If you’re looking at Washington DC condos for sale, you may want to consider your access to transport or consider cycling.

Less is more

Are you looking for Washington DC condos for sale and hoping to make the move from a smaller city? One thing to keep in mind about life in DC, especially if you haven’t lived in a city of its size before, is that you don’t need as much stuff. Less is more when it comes to condo living in DC.

Taxes are different

Before you continue searching for luxury homes for sale in Washington DC, familiarize yourself with the tax codes in the DC area. This can be one of the most surprising things for new arrivals. While taxes for goods and services are in line with the nearby states of Maryland and Virginia at 6 percent, there is a much higher 10 percent tax on liquor. If you’re hoping to stay in the DC area while you search for Washington DC condos for sale, you should also be prepared to pay the 14.5 percent tax on a hotel or other accommodation. Finally, commercial parking lots are taxed at a rate of 18 percent. According to The Washington Post, DC is one of the places with the highest taxes in the country. Yet another reason to ditch the car in lieu of public transportation.

Dress the DC way

The overall dress code in Washington DC is highly influenced by Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is a large neighborhood that covers a relatively expansive section of the city and is most well-known for the Capitol building. It also houses the Supreme Court Building, the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, Union Station, and the Eastern Market. Most folks strolling in Capitol Hill are employees in any number of those buildings, and they dress like it too.
The overall dress code in DC errs on the less dressy side of business casual all the way up to a full-blown suit and tie. Even those working in sectors other than the government dress in more professional attire. If you want to dress like a Washington DC professional, business wear is the name of the game.

Find Washington DC homes for sale

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