Top Tips for Buying a home in Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., is full of rich culture and vibrant architecture. Having a home there allows you to be in the heart of the United States and provides countless ways to spend your days.

We know that buying property is no small investment — it is a decision that is carefully thought over and thoroughly planned. It can also be overwhelming, and sometimes staying organized is difficult when you are focused on so many moving parts. This article aims to provide you with tips for buying a home in D.C. to make the process as easy as it can be.

Work with a realtor

Buying a property can be stressful, but it can feel near impossible without a trusted real estate professional by your side. Working with a realtor allows you the freedom to focus on your goals for the property and locations you are particularly excited about instead of having to do the grunt work. Your realtor will happily take over the bulk of the search, following your instructions for what properties should be focused on.

With a realtor at your side, you also will not have to worry about the details of the offer letter or the negotiations. Your realtor can handle that for you, with your permission.

Washington, D.C., is a stunning city just begging to be explored. You should be free to enjoy it at your leisure while your realtor handles the search for you. It is the goal of a realtor to put your needs first and make sure all your hopes and dreams surrounding the property are fulfilled.

The purpose of the home

Depending on why you are looking for houses for sale in Washington, D.C., your needs will vary. If you are looking for a home to host guests or to serve as a place to do business, there may be certain features you are looking for, such as a private, quiet street. Perhaps you would want a chef's kitchen, a home theater, and a staff room.

If your search is not for a home to do business in, maybe you would like a primary or secondary residence. In that case, your search might be for a property that includes an elevator, a massage room, and a library.

While Washington, D.C., can make your real estate dreams come true, your goals for the property may affect the areas you are looking into and the price range you want to stick with. Sitting down and making a list of your needs for the property is a great way to start the search, and sharing it with your realtor will make it that much easier for them to assist you.

Your desired location

Another thing to consider is where in Washington, D.C., you want to live and what you would like to be close to. If you are looking for a quiet, residential neighborhood, as mentioned above, you may be interested in Forest Hills. You will find Embassies, parks and trails, and the University of the District of Columbia Van Ness Campus.

If you are looking for a tranquil neighborhood, Berkley is located between two parks and isolated from the more cosmopolitan areas of the city. You will find cafes and restaurants, museums, and the George Washington University Mount Vernon Campus.

A quiet neighborhood can be calm and inviting, but it may not be what you are currently in the market for. During your search for luxury homes for sale in Washington, D.C., maybe you would like a property in the center of the city, surrounded by shops and eateries. If that is more your speed, check out the bustling neighborhood of Georgetown.

The city may be small, but it is packed with various neighborhoods that offer an array of living styles. Whatever location you are in the market for, you will be able to find it in D.C. The only difficult part is narrowing it down to one.


Even with new construction, it is never a bad idea to get a home inspection. It allows you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is okay with the property and assures you that there will not be any surprises down the road. Due to the age of many homes in Washington, D.C., having a home inspection done can be especially helpful.

Not only is a standard home inspection recommended, but so is a radon inspection. Radon is a gas naturally released from soil, but if trapped indoors at high levels, it can be dangerous. No need to be alarmed, a radon mitigation system can easily be installed to take care of any problems. As D.C. does have some areas with high radon levels, it is best to be informed about the state of a property in case it would affect your decision to purchase.

The right offer

As briefly mentioned above, the details surrounding an offer can be tricky, especially in a competitive market. Having the best offer submitted at the right time can make all the difference, which is where your realtor will be a huge help. Your realtor will have expert knowledge of the market and the area you are looking to purchase and will be able to advise you on how best to proceed.

Waiting to hear if your offer has been accepted is one of the most stressful parts of the buying process, but your realtor will always be available to take your call and assure you that things will work out how they are supposed to.

Who to call

When you are ready to talk to a real estate professional about moving forward in the buying process, Desmond McKenna of The McKenna Group will happily take your call. His mission is to help you get your dream property, and he will bring his years of experience to the table to make it happen. To hear about the satisfaction of previous clients, please feel free to look over Desmond’s glowing testimonials.

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